5 Essential Steps To Selling Your Car in Ireland

5 Essential Steps To Selling Your Car in Ireland

November 20, 2018 / 0 Comments / 367 / Selling Tips
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Are you a car owner looking to sell your car? Then obviously you are looking to get the best price as fast as possible, right?

To help you achieve the same, here we’ve listed 5 essential car selling tips which will help you big time in cracking a great deal.


1. Check the market.

Begin with checking the online classified ads to see how much the other sellers are asking for your kind of car. Different dealers will be having different prices than private party listings. The internet sites allow you to search specific criteria and make your job relatively easier.


2. Set a competitive price for your car.

Once you are done with the survey on the online classified ads, you can use an online appraisal tool in order to determine the fair value of your car. The value will depend on mileage, colour, region, options available, and condition. Also, during negotiations, you should ask for a bit more money than what you are actually willing to accept.


3. Make the car look desirable.

When people visit to take a look at your car, they will make up their mind within probably a few seconds.  Their opinion is based on the first look at your car.  To make your car look attractive and desirable, clean your car regularly, park it at an ideal place, and maintain the good condition by getting it inspected regularly.


4. Advertise the car in the right place.

After your car is looking amazing and running great, it is time to advertise it for sale. In prior days, people used to advertise their cars in the newspapers, but nowadays, online news and classified ads are the most preferred methods which are not only convenient but also have a wider reach.

Be sure that you are available on the phone from possible buyers because if not, you may have a chance of losing out on a potential buyer. So answer that phone promptly and reply to any enquiry text. Creating a good first impression will help you.


5. Create ads which sell.

Think carefully about your car ads.  Choose the right wording as little words can also convey a lot. Besides the price, your ad should also have the year, make, model and other important info of the car which you are selling. Also include mileage, colour, condition and of course, a few pictures!


Hope these tips will help you become a successful car seller and gain a substantial profit. If you wish to sell your car online in Ireland but don’t know where to start, CarCloud can be your best partner in this journey!

Simply contact our team via the ‘Contact Us’ option and we’ll be happy to help you sell your car fast!

CarCloud Team

CarCloud Team

CarCloud Ireland is an Irish based company dealing in independent vehicle sales, ensuring the security of the transaction between buyer and seller. CarCloud has a wide range of clients listing a variety of vehicles for sale. Selling a car independently can be a hassle and CarCloud acknowledges the difficulty and hesitancy when selling a car privately.

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