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Top Tips for Buying a Used Car in Ireland

November 26, 2018 / 0 Comments / 405 / Car Owners

Buying a used car in Ireland is not an easy task. That’s even tougher than getting a new car!

But don’t worry, help is here. Today we are talking about 5 top used car buying tips which you should follow. These tips will help you to save money, get the best deal, and reduce the amount of stress involved with purchasing a used car in Ireland.


1. Do complete research.

The most important thing to buying a used car is to have thorough knowledge and information about the market and current prices. With a thorough research, you won’t even be able to decide which car you want to buy. You can research online or also talk to the experts like CarCloud who have related experience in this field.

When thinking about buying a used car, research the current resale rate for that car model. This works as your bargaining power.


2. Look for some pre-financing options.

Many buyers get financing from the car dealership. The dealership interest rates are usually higher as compared to loan rates from banks and credit unions. Though you may not find the best deals online, you can still use the internet to know about the current interest rates and find pre-financing options.


3. Check more than one option.

Whenever you are buying a used car, you must always look for more than one option, without settling on the first option itself. This makes you aware of the other cars in the market and help you make a wiser decision.


4. Negotiate on right terms.

If you want to crack a good deal, then negotiate in every way and take the purchase price down. Start with a very low number, and then work forward. Walk into the dealership with confidence and do not feel bad about rejecting offers. It might also help if you practice your negotiation strategies and tactics in advance.


5. Consider both old and new cars. 

Initially, buying a used car was the best idea to save money. But in recent years, the supply of the used cars has decreased. In addition, more and more people are holding their cars for longer periods before selling them. As a result, prices for used cars have significantly increased. So a new car can also be a good option!


Sounds exhausting? Well, don’t worry. We’re here to help you through the process. Simply contact our team using the ‘Contact Us’ option and our expert team will help you find the right used cars in Ireland and get a great deal on them!


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